"This is a spellbinding story that keeps your attention from beginning to the end. The book makes you look at World War II beyond Hitler. Most people realize that there is more to war than what the press reveals but Conrad John brings what's on the inside to the forefront. Great job!!" AK

"Masters of War is a brilliantly written historical novel meaning you not only get the best of fictional characters, but their experiences and events are all based on real history. Revealed through the pages is an overview of the events that led up to WWII and it's aftermath that the history books "forgot" to publish. No bullshit, this is the real deal." WH

"What a read Masters of War is. Mr. John is to be congratulated. The novel is a terrific piece of work, which is exciting, informative, and very well written."

"The consipracy theory involving Wall Street being responsible for Hitler's rise in power is intriguing. The story was fresh and well worth the read."